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Questions from users

What happens after reaching my visit limits?

At first, nothing. You can still login and check your data. When it starts happening more often, for example when your webshops grows, we have an option increase monthly visits. You can purchase this as an add-on directly when registering a new account, or through your admin panel.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes. Every plan can be cancelled at any time. As soon as you cancel there will be no more billings, and you can keep using the software until your current plan expires.

Does my webshop get slower when using the plugin?

No! Conversion Monitor uses a plugin which works asynchronously. Which means it uses its own seperate process to send and receive data - visitor will never experience any latency.

Can I use Conversion Monitor with other tools and plugins?

Sure, it can be used seamlessly with tools such as Google Analytics.

How do I install Conversion Monitor?

It's very easy with our Magento-plugin. The plugin available from Magento Connect, Magento Marketplace or as a seperate download for developers.

Which ecommerce platforms are supported?

Currently, we only support WooCommerce and Magento, but more integrations will be available soon.

I run an Agency, are custom plans available?

We are working hard preparing a Pro and Agency plan. These plans will give access to advanced features such as user permissions, adding, removing and sharing websites for clients, and creating custom reports. We we would like to hear if you are interested.